Thursday, 20 September 2012

If I were a carpenter

Spirit at the back
Okay, I have heard a few funny and sad stories about Spirit but this one really gets you wondering about the circus shows he must have done: Jessica told me about one of the days Spirit was free to wander the yard which consisted of several areas of stables attached to three individual residential buildings. As he was far from nimble on his feet there was not much chance of him getting into trouble, or so she thought! She had roped off the drive area as usual and he was free to come and go from the field or wander back to his stable, all the other stable hands there were more than happy to have him around and often found him amusing as he did his little tricks. The day was going along fine until the little monkey Spirit arrived around a corner to present Jessica with a saw hanging from his mouth... Yes, I will repeat that: a carpenter's saw hanging from his teeth! He had a tight hold of the wooden handle waving it about. Once the gasps, double takes and expletives had subsided Jessica attempted to retrieve said saw but Spirit then wanted to play 'you can have it... no you can't' several minutes, near misses of sharp end and tussles later Jessica had wrestled it free from his grip.
Re-tracing Spirit's steps around the corner Jessica could see where it had come from: He had wandered through the neighbours open garage door, spotted something familiar and remembering his old act had picked up the saw delivering it to his unsuspecting owner Jessica.
The roped area now includes any garages. 

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