Saturday 16 November 2013

Tazz dog, not ready to go

My third visit was meet with a very waggy tail and a short bark hello, before I could enter the hallway Tazz was off in front of me and laying on his bed with anticipation.

Sheila was delighted with his progress as was Richard Allport; Tazz was back to having his walks, though not as far or as fast, and really joining in with family life again. The vet was also pleased and amazed that the growth had not got any larger.

I now see Tazz once a month for a top-up of healing and he continues with the homeopathic remedies. He is no longer on pain relief, is enjoying his extended walks and we are now more than four months down the line with no signs of giving in. His family are very aware he is an old boy now but are pleased to enjoy every day they have together with him.

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