Thursday, 23 May 2013

Fang: Hungarian Circus Pony

Spirits healing sessions were intense to start with, it seemed like the initial sessions were to push and pull things about in that little foot, after which the healing became more soothing. 
A second problem now arrived; his box rest gave his stomach little movement reducing his droppings to small, hard pebbles… not at all good for this ginger fella. I was spending as much time, if not more healing his stomach as I did his foot, the next few days showed better droppings and a happier Spirit. 

A few days later the foot had started to turn back the correct way and he was putting his weight on it, albeit shakily. Jessica and I so wanted this to work for him we dare not say how much better he looked, but we could both see it in him. The regular bandaging from his friendly farrier (with no sedation) revealed less and less pus as the week progressed until the day before the Vets visit when there was no pus at all! Things were looking better for this mighty pony.

On the Vets previous visit he told Jessica that he wants to see Spirit standing on his stable step and biting him the next time he visited.
The evening before D-day, against all the advice I had given Spirit over the past months, I tried very hard to encourage him to use those fangs by pull the Vet’s coat off when he visited the next morning!

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