Friday, 2 August 2013

Spirits five pack!

The Vet visit was good, he told Jessica ‘Carry on doing what-ever it is your doing, it seems to be working and Spirit is determined to survive, call me if you need me’ Frankly he could not believe Spirit was walking on such a badly positioned Pedal bone, he was defying all practical knowledge.

Not out of the woods yet, Jessica decided to cut down on Spirits Polos during the course of the day, as sugar is not at all good for his condition. When his morning Polo turned into a carrot he was most indignant, throwing the carrot out of the door and shooting an evil stare at poor Jessica, all she could do was to apologise.

As Jessica went about her daily routine of mucking out the stables and sorting their feed among many chores, she let Spirit loose on the yard to tip-toe around the concrete as he wished. He was un-likely to dash off anywhere in his condition and there was no X-Ray machine or Vet to run from.

Content that Spirit was absorbed in nibbling the tiny tuffs of grass from between the concrete she made a three minute dash around the back of the stable block to dispose of the droppings onto the muck-heap. As she returned something told her to hurry….. sure enough, there was Spirit’s back-side protruding from the feed shed, having thrown his head, seemingly recklessly around the shelves, throwing all-a-sundry around the floor. Alas, the mess was only a distraction; his true intent was the FIVE pack of Polos at the back of the shelf! On hearing Jessica’s imminent return his nasty nashers worked in double-quick time to obliterate the entire FIVE pack of Polos, minus their wrappers before she could do anything about it!!!

Haaa, if you think you can keep me from my Polos you have another thing coming Miss Jessica!

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