Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Bloody day for Spirit the Hungarian Circus Pony!

The farrier cleverly made a deep shoe, fixed a piece of cardboard from an old box to the bottom and filled the void with a special mix that when set, worked like a cushion. He told Jessica not to worry about taking the cardboard off as it will deteriorate as he walks around in the next few days. Shoes completed Spirit walked with ease back to his stable with his red cardboard shoes on, for a well earned rest. The following day would tell if all the hard work would pay off or if he would need to have them removed….

The day after Spirit’s new shoes were fitted he was very happy to trot out to the field, showing off his new shoes. He could not be happier, the shoes had cushioned his feet and his knees were being lifted up high as he showed off his new shoes to anyone interested.
Everyone was relived and happy to see Spirit trot around the field and even around the yard with ease.

It was not until early the following day that I had a distressed Jessica on the phone to me: ‘Helen, it’s horrible, something awful has happened to Spirit.’ The tone in her voice was terrifying. ‘ He has been in the field for a couple of hours this morning, when I went to check on him I found blood pouring from both front feet!’

My mind was working over time, this could not be right, both feet at the same time…. No, something was amiss. I tuned in to my guides there and then; they were not worried. Jessica had called the farrier who was on his way as we spoke. 
 ‘What do you think has happened Helen?’ Jessica asked desperately. ‘It’s not right Jessica’ I replied. ‘Charlie, my guide is not at all worried about him and to have them both bad at the same time just doesn’t make sense. Try not to panic and let me know what the farrier says’. With that Jessica rang off……….

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