Sunday 21 October 2012

A kick-start for Pickle

Sorry to dwell on this subject again but it seems to be the main thing holding Pickle back from healing: Her motions started to be more solid during the week but she has since had a setback. She has been vomiting again and has gone off her food, only eating from Jenny’s hand. This seems to be a cycle for her, fine for two to three weeks then vomiting for a couple of days. She has been stable since last night so we hope is over this bout but motions back to liquid. The healing revealed excess acid in her lower stomach which is to be expected but it seemed more than normal.

Now this may seem strange but then I am!... I often come across people with either extreme fatigue syndrome and/or server in-sensitivities, when I give them healing it feels like their head is working fine, their bodies are working fine but they are not working together, there is no synchronicity between them. The healing I give is to try to re-connect the head with the body to work together again, almost like re-introducing the two, weird I know but it does seem to work. For example; the body is trying to tell the brain that it feels excess acid in the stomach but because the brain is not listening properly it sends more acid instead of dealing with the excess, a bit like the husband that is asked to watch the saucepan and just stands there watching as it boils over ‘you never told me to turn it down!’
Poor little Pickle feels like she has a similar problem so I placed one hand on her head and the other on her frail body, trying to kick-start her electrical pathways between the two again.

She is on the last couple of weeks of steroids if all goes well, once they have left her body she may feel better, I will let you know.

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