Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Spirit's Playdough!

Paul did his magic on Spirit’s other front foot to make a new shape and size, a new x-ray of it was taken and Paul was happy to carry on with Spirit’s new shoes!.... until he offered up the smallest shoe available... It was far too big for Spirit’s tiny feet; it could not be done.

Paul was not about to give up after all his efforts. He rummaged in his truck and re-appeared with a pair of aluminium shoes, glue, special card (not red!) and playdough  (yes, the stuff kids play with!).

For the next fifteen minutes Paul created two new shoes, glued to Spirit’s feet with a rubber cushion and a wad of Playdough protecting the delicate part of his soles.
All the actors in Spirit’s play were pleased with the end result... including sleepy Spirit. 

The next few days or weeks would tell if it was enough to allow Spirit to walk normally and continue to enjoy his tricks, doing his rodeo, rolling, biting, chasing, watching over orphaned ducks, carrying saws, throwing bricks, dismantling electric fences, eating five packs of Polos, limbo dancing under the fencing, sneaking the goose feed from the dustbin and being the life and soul of Blacky, Jessica and all on the farm.

Copyright ©2014 Helen Hilliard
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