Friday, 15 February 2013

Charlie Cat ... Ouch!

I took to putting Puss Puss Charlie’s food in the open cat basket, his body was so long he could reach the back and still have his back legs hanging out of the basket door. Soon he became accustomed to the restaurant location that I dared to book him into the Vets for the following morning having explained the predicament and that my plans may all go wrong, they were fine with this. The dreaded day arrived, Harry was safely tucked away in his room, the car seat was set back far enough to accommodate the cat basket on the floor and my handbag was at the ready for a quick escape. Charlie was waiting at the front door for his food, he trotted straight into the basket, I squeezed his back-end in after him and secured the wire door: we had him! He was surprisingly calm about it all, plenty of moans and whinges but no claws or teeth and no fur flying. Not only had he been trapped inside the cat basket but there was no food due to the impending castration, poor Charlie, what had he walked into!
Later that afternoon I picked up a dozy Charlie cat, minus his testicles, shorter claws and de-wormed. The kitchen was the best place for him, he and Harry cat could eye each other up through the glass panelled door and of course it was close to his beloved food cupboard. We made a cosy bed for him under the table to recover and consider his escape.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New short story

This amusing story that has its serious side tells the common tale of how easily small children feel spirits’ energy and of how difficult it is for them to understand. Seen from the viewpoint of both the child and the spirit, it gives the reader an insight into another world.

 Emma's Room

Titan's Tale - Kindle / PC book