Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Spirit - The electrician

Spirit was in very good form today, picking his knees up high as he trotted around the concrete before going off to the field.
I gave him an M.O.T. before he went and was happy with his progress; his front legs are doing well, still needs the tendons to stretch out a bit more at the back of one leg and as he is a young 23 years old the odd ache and pain around his joints is not a surprise in this rainy weather. Jessica always puts her oldies to bed with plenty of rugs and wrapped legs to keep them warm...even her husband!
As you can see from this photograph he is very agile when the flies are around. The Vet did a test for Cushing's Disease on Spirit as he had his suspicions the Pituitary gland was not working correctly and it came back as positive, though still at a stage that can be managed with a drug which will make his life not only longer but happier. Jessica was warned by her Vet that the first few days on the drug will make him rather drowsy.... someone forgot to tell Spirit as he was still in a mischievous, lively mood two days into the treatment.
His stomach always takes a bit of healing too, old scar tissue from intestine troubles I think, the healing seems to relax it nicely.
Just before Jessica let Spirit and his friends loose in the field I noticed her fiddling with the connections on the electric fence, she was attempting to hide them, when I asked what she was doing she told me about another naughty trick Spirit likes to get up to: Last year on a few occasions Jessica had found all three of her horses out of their field, having a lovely time eating the neighbour's lawn, on each occasion she found the connections to the electric fencing disconnected, lying on the floor. It was too incredible to think that one of the horses could have worked out how to remove the red crocodile clip and dismantle the fence to set them free so she was starting to doubt she ever connected it in the first place.
It was not until she lay in wait one morning, watching from a short distance in hiding that she wished she had a video camera on her: With Blacky following Spirit's every move they saw Spirit nibble at the red live clip until he removed it and threw it to the floor then proceeded to take apart the fencing, leading the way for Blacky to follow.
Even after Jessica thought she had made it impossible to repeat, she found Blacky doing the same thing, having learned from the master!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Pickle's first healing session

For all you 'Spirit the Hungarian Circus Pony' followers .... I will be seeing him tomorrow.
I took to my usual place when giving healing to animals: the floor! Pickle was quite happy to have a cuddle, she stood up and down a couple of times but when reassured by Jenny, she settled back onto the throw-cushion next to me.
I started the healing by placing my hand on her head and tuning into her emotions, though she was well aware of her discomfort she did not seem to be in pain and had no inclination of leaving this life. I gave her calming healing and comfort then ran my hand slowly down her frail body. Her abdomen and bowl felt sore but the main healing energy was definitely going into the right side of her neck. As I am not a Vet or have much knowledge of a dog's anatomy I could only go by instinct and by posing the question to my Guides: why there? The answer was a little vague but implied a possible Auto-Immune problem, this is where the immune system turns on itself or other parts of the body, attacking healthy systems. I asked Jenny if the Vets had suggested the possibility of an Auto-Immune problem, she said it had been mentioned.

Pickle loved the healing, lying very still and even dosing off once or twice which indicates to me how much she needed it.
The effect of healing can be felt immediately or within two - three days, Pickle would be the first to know if it helped and Jenny would be the second; I sent them home and awaited the response.

Monday, 24 September 2012

In a Pickle

I had a phone call last week from a distraught lady desperate to help her young English Bull Terrier cross Staff girl called Pickle. She had been having treatment from her Vet for a month or so but nothing seemed to be working and little two and a half year old pickle was fading fast.
Could I help?
Each time I am asked that question I so want to say YES! I'll make her all better but in the real world, I will try my best to make her better and only time will tell.
The owner Jenny, arranged to make an appointment to see me at my Potters Bar clinic the following day.
As soon as Pickle walked into the clinic everyone fell in love with her, despite the feeding tube sticking out from her neck and the multiple shaved patches of fur over her thin body she had such a beautiful energy; soft and gentle and though her face was an unusual long sleek shape with streamline eyes she was very endearing. She looked at me with those begging eyes and I swear she knew I was going to try to help her.
Pickle settled down on the large floor cushions in my room whilst Jenny told me her story:
Pickle had blood coming from her back passage and extreme diarrhoea a month or so ago, the Vet tried several remedies including antibiotics. The blood deceased but her food was still going straight through and she was loosing weight fast. She was then refereed to the Royal Veterinary Collage for further tests, sadly they are all at a loss and now she is throwing up her food too, which is why she is being feed by a tube.
I could see she and Jenny were fighters and not ready to give up on life just yet, so I joined the fight to save little Pickle.

Titan's Tale - Kindle / PC book 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Spirit the Hungarian Circus Pony: A shocking experience

I spoke to Jessica today, Spirit is doing so well she is having to race him across the concrete to stop him getting in the feed shed.
He cannot wait to go out to the field once Jessica has secured the area with the electric fencing and in fly-free weather he gets up to his old tricks in order to stay in the field!

Jessica must bring him in before he eats too much grass which will aggravate any laminitis. The other day she managed to put a head collar on him, tugged at him, enticed him with carrots, walked him one way then the other, pleaded with him, shouted at him but he was having none of it: his front legs were stretched out to their maximum, dug in like someone at a tug-of-war. Suddenly Jessica thought she had won when he started meandering towards the edge of the field. Relieved and amazed at the sudden change of attitude Jessica found herself relaxing on the other end of his rope alas, Spirit was about to execute a cunning plan: he casually backed up to the fence, Jessica found herself struggling to move or even to think straight. She stood facing Spirit for some time trying to pull herself together as he nonchalantly carried on eating the grass. Eventually she realized he was practically sitting on the electric fence with no effect at all on himself as the shock ran through him, down the wet rope and was frazzling Jessica's thoughts!
Releasing the rope from her grip, Jessica regained her composure as Spirit eased himself from the fence. Now in a more determined mood than ever she managed to put the bright spark of a pony back into his stable where he belonged.

Tell Tale

Big Banker and Little Spirit
My recent visit involved healing for all three of Jessica's horses: a bit of calming for Blacky, and a top-up for Banker and Spirit. We took Spirit to a small area of grass to keep him amused whilst I did the healing. He was obviously feeling better as he pulled at the reign, walked backwards towards the pond, thought about rolling and attempted to nip at Jessica as she held him still. I was pleased with the energy I felt from him, the right knee, although still not perfect was strengthening well and his left leg was doing so much better as it did not have to compensate for the right leg any more.
I could not help but laugh at Spirit as he pranced around lifting his knees high and proud in front of him almost showing off.

Jessica lead him back to the field where she let him loose, to our horror and astonishment he went trotting up the field bucking as he went, he must be feeling better.

As I enjoyed my coffee in Jessica's kitchen I looked out of the window across the yard surprised to see big Banker coming back to the stables from the field, he looked all around then glanced over to the house. 'Oh' I said pointing out of the window 'Banker is back already' ' oopps' Jessica said as she looked across 'got to go, Banker is telling tales on Spirit.' I was intrigued, following her out of the house and round to the field; Banker leading, Jessica in hot pursuit then me, struggling to keep up. 'He is telling me Spirit is at the Goose feed again!' Jessica cried out. Sure enough Spirit had managed to limbo under the fencing, past the chickens and was found red hoofed trying to remove the dustbin lid from the goose feed, the noise of which alerted the geese who came gaggling and hollering for their meal.
Life is never boring with Spirit around. 


If I were a carpenter

Spirit at the back
Okay, I have heard a few funny and sad stories about Spirit but this one really gets you wondering about the circus shows he must have done: Jessica told me about one of the days Spirit was free to wander the yard which consisted of several areas of stables attached to three individual residential buildings. As he was far from nimble on his feet there was not much chance of him getting into trouble, or so she thought! She had roped off the drive area as usual and he was free to come and go from the field or wander back to his stable, all the other stable hands there were more than happy to have him around and often found him amusing as he did his little tricks. The day was going along fine until the little monkey Spirit arrived around a corner to present Jessica with a saw hanging from his mouth... Yes, I will repeat that: a carpenter's saw hanging from his teeth! He had a tight hold of the wooden handle waving it about. Once the gasps, double takes and expletives had subsided Jessica attempted to retrieve said saw but Spirit then wanted to play 'you can have it... no you can't' several minutes, near misses of sharp end and tussles later Jessica had wrestled it free from his grip.
Re-tracing Spirit's steps around the corner Jessica could see where it had come from: He had wandered through the neighbours open garage door, spotted something familiar and remembering his old act had picked up the saw delivering it to his unsuspecting owner Jessica.
The roped area now includes any garages.