Friday, 28 June 2013

Highway to Hell

Poor Roland was due to see me today, alas he and his owner were stuck for hours on the M25 eventually giving up and going home.

I sent him some healing to help in the mean time.

They will re-book next week.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Rats tale

The receptionist at my Potters Bar clinic took an unusual phone call last week from a lady asking for acupuncture on her pet rat! Poor Roland's back legs had stopped working and his owner could find no one willing to do the acupuncture on him.
As Richard, the owner and pet acupuncturist, was not in that day the receptionist was going to get back to her once she had spoken to Richard. In the mean time she suggested coming to see me. I was over hearing the conversation and shot a glance to her to say, yes I would be happy to see Roland the rat. The appointment has been made for this week so I will let you know how we all get on.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cannabis Munchies for Charlie Cat!

I had been deliberately avoiding tuning in to John, somewhat apprehensive of this suicidal drug addict, not because of his manner, as I find the most aggressive soul on this plain becomes a completely different entity as they pass over. It is as if a light bulb goes on in their head that allows them to see what fools they have been. I had been avoiding him because I felt he would have a lot to say to a lot of people that I could not pass on, I felt he would be quite needy.

I set about contacting John when Charlie cat was out and about on one of his many missions just in case John’s energy upset him; I was surprised to feel the energy of a meek and mild mannered gentle soul, I was also surprised to find out that he had no regrets taking his own life (plenty of regrets about how he lived it) he gave no apologies to his sister for taking his own life, or to Charlie. John knew his life had become an ever decreasing circle that he did not have the strength to break free from. 

He was calm and emotionally placid, extremely grateful to me for taking Charlie cat on and had a love and fondness for Charlie that I did not expect. Because of the fog John lived in most of his life, Charlie cat was not always wormed or de-fleaed on time, he was fed regularly… a little too regularly it seems. I had visions of both John and Charlie spaced out in the lounge, cannabis smoke wafting all around them. John told me Charlie and he would get ridiculous munchies most days from the after effects of the drugs, his sister had already told me Charlie was on three large tins of cat food a day! No wonder he is so big. 

As I thought, John implied Charlie would be coming down from the effects for some time to come, any help however was not forthcoming, just a final vote of thanks as he drifted away from me! ….. I was still none the wiser.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Charlie Cat on cannabis

I thought Richard was having one of his usual jokes at my expense when he suggested trying a homeopathy called ‘cannabis’ only to be presented with a small vile of homeopathy entitled ‘cannabis’! There must be a homeopathy for everything out there. 
At one point Richard put on his pondering face, going silent for a few minutes as he searched his memory bank: ‘have a look on the internet for Feline Hypothesia’ he said.

I returned to Charlie armed with the homeopathy but was not brave enough to pop one directly into his mouth for fear of loosing a finger or two, hence he had it wrapped in a small amount of tuna fish (mistake number one). Within half an hour of this, he started to groom manically again, pulling his head round as far as he could reach until his whole body contorted into spasm, nothing I did would distract him from this torture, culminating into, what I can only describe as a fit. His body stretching backwards, claws out and teeth into anything that was in his path. Howling until he peed himself, spraying the area. The fit lasted no more than 20 seconds but felt like an eternity as I stood by, helpless.
Charlie calmed down and fell asleep with exhaustion.

Naturally I thought the fit must have been due to the homeopathy but I knew homeopathy was not capable of having this reaction…. It was time to speak to Charlie’s late owner, John for any help he could offer….