Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Spirit cleaning: Like a dog with a scent.

I’m afraid I tend to be rather abrupt once I am aware of a spirit I have been searching for; rather like a dog catching a scent and following it!   

Apologising to Tom I turned my back to him mid sentence and climbed the stairs. I had already asked Tom’s permission to wander in and out of any room; the house had been empty for some time so I was not going to stumble across anyone’s underwear.

As I reached the landing I slowly walked into the first bedroom: the male spirit was not as strong there, the second bedroom had the same effect. Entering the smaller back bedroom was a completely different experience; I could feel the gentleman’s energy three fold, this was where I was to settle and chat to the spirit. Tom was close behind me; so I explained my feelings as I went. 

I had the spirit’s complete attention, about to ask him some questions when he was drawn away from me with fascination for the chanting that had just started downstairs; The two ladies had made themselves at home in the lounge and were repeating a lovely Indian chant which had an irresistible allure to our gentleman spirit. I could not help but chuckle to myself, sat on the bed having been abandoned.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Pickle Lilly Bull Terrier is on Lily's

Hi Helen 

 Pickle is doing great and we are very grateful you helped her immensely.
 She is on a normal diet (Lily's kitchen) and is a healthy bull terrier! 

Thank you! Jenny & Mu

Copyright ©2014 Helen Hilliard
Emma's Room - Kindle/PC book
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Monday, 19 May 2014

Wanted: cleaner for spirits!

Tom called me recently with an interesting request; ‘Do you cleanse houses Helen?’
‘If it is a cleaner you are looking for then the answer is a definite NO, if you are talking about cleansing from spirits then, yes I do’ I replied

Tom had a house he lived in for a few years but was always uneasy in there, feeling he was being watched at times, other times having a feeling of disapproval. Whilst he felt uneasy he was managing to live with it but now he intended to rent the house and wished it to be clear of any spirits before doing so.

I love this work, it always excites me; meeting new spirits and hearing their stories then setting them on a better path, helping both the living and the dead. They always have an interesting yarn to tell, unfortunately sometimes sad but always a fascinating insight into the past, be it recent past or distant.

I was to meet Tom at his terraced house in North London. As I sat in my car five minutes early I thought of how many people must have passed this way in the years since it had been built and how many spirits were still there: this could be a long job! Tom was accompanied by two ladies who, as we entered the newly decorated and sparsely furnished lounge, asked if it would be okay to light a jostick. I had no problems with this.

The smoke and smell from the jostick wafted around the rooms and up the stairs as I talked to Tom and attuned myself to the house, within minutes I was aware of a spirit up stairs....