Friday, 6 September 2013

Tick-Tock Charlie clock!

The following morning I showed my husband the amazing effect the ticking clock had on Charlie, he too was astounded.

I needed to think of a way to keep Charlie near a loud rhythmic sound at all times…………….. If Charlie would not stay at the mountain, the mountain would have to go to Charlie (or words to that effect) I made a trip to our local Argos store where I found a very helpful assistant on the jewellery counter.  ‘ I would like to listen to a couple of your cheapest, small watches please, ones on a strap’ I said to her.  
 She seemed a little bemused by this but was very obliging as she observed me put each of the watches to my ear in turn. 

I narrowed it down to two, one was louder than the other but its pitch was higher, maybe not as easily heard. I eventually put the assistant out of her misery by telling her the story of the cat and the ticking clock, Charlie may be a large cat but I still felt the Mr. Bean clock would be a little too big to carry around with him. She was fascinated and joined in with the hearing tests, we were then joined by two more inquisitive staff all of whom now new the story and were making a vote on which watch would be best… it was unanimous, the £5.50 lower pitched tick won the day; 

SOLD to the crazy lady with a strange cat!