Friday, 25 October 2013

Wooden top Spirit the Hungarian Circus Pony

I paid Spirit a call last week to give him some healing on his feet and a top up on his knees which I could immediately see were bouncing well: as I rounded the corner of the yard expecting to see Jessica and Spirit waiting for me I found it empty, peering into the distance of their field I could make out a frantic Jessica, muzzle in hand, trotting after Spirit who seemed to be doing a wonderful impression of Spotty Dog from the old children’s programme The Wooden Tops. His knees were bouncing up as high as he could get them as he ran from Jessica almost teasing her with his silly step: ‘I am not going to wear that muzzle and you will have to chase me all day to catch me!’
 After much laughter Jessica put the muzzle away and returned with the treats to entice him home.

His feet were not too bad but still not right. His knees were great, his back fine, he stood taller than I have ever seen him, a shiny red coat and long mane all suggested he was in good health, all apart from his two front feet.  I kept remembering the suggestion from Jessica’s farrier about putting special shoes on Spirit with cushion soles. When I mentioned it again to Jessica, she was reluctant to have it done as it would mean Spirit being pulled about for some hours to have them fitted. Stress for a laminitic horse can be very dangerous as it can bring on the symptoms more.  ‘I think you should have them done’ I said, ‘I’ll give him lots of healing and you can use homeopathic remedies to calm him too, I have a good feeling about it’.
Jessica said she would think on it.

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The progress of Tazz dog

My second visit to see Tazz, a week later, found him greeting me at the front door with his barking; he was greatly improved from his operation, though only time would tell whether it was due to the growth being healed or simply a recovery from the anaesthetic.

Sheila told me how Tazz seemed more interested in life around him and had become more vocal, chatting away to people in the home. She was also amazed at how deeply and how long he slept after my last visit; ‘I’m glad you warned me he would sleep so much otherwise I would have been worried’ she said.

As I joined Tazz on the floor this time, he went straight to his bed beside me and lay himself out across it as if to say ‘I’m ready for that healing when you are’. Sheila and I laughed as he let out a heavy sigh.
I was pleased to feel that he needed less energy this time, still in the same areas, as expected but not so intense and with less urgency. Again, I sneaked out of the house as he slept.
We had decided on a gap of two weeks before the next healing session but Sheila would call me in the mean time if she was worried, especially with his three week dead-line coming up! …….

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Three weeks left for Tazz

Tazz dog is a lovely placid, elderly boy that was diagnosed with cancer back in June this year. The decision was made to operate on his abdomen to remove the growth, alas once he was opened up it was clear that to remove the growth would be too risky and dangerous for him. They closed him back up and his owner Sheila, took him home for, what the vet said would be no more than three weeks.

Determined not to give up lightly on this member of the family Sheila took him to see our homeopathic vet Richard Allport.
Tazz went home with remedies and a suggestion to see Helen the Healer.

A week later I was at Tazzs’ door. Despite his weakness he still managed to bark at this stranger in his home. After chatting with Sheila I sat on the floor with Tazz and gently placed my hand on his head, he shuffled about a bit then gave in to the calm healing, spreading himself out on the floor but keeping an eye on Sheila for re-assurance.
He took lots of energy that day, especially around his lower abdomen and around his shaved wound. I left him sleeping soundly…..

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Friday, 4 October 2013

Spirit's new lucky friend

Spirits progress on his feet was slow but in the right direction, once his poorly feet found soft grass or straw his walk quickened. Despite the hard concrete of the yard Spirit often chose to stay around, either basking in the sun or just watching Jessica go about her work.

A few weeks ago a very lucky duckling was hatched in the shed between Spirit’s house and the feed shed: There were several eggs under an incubator but after a week or so of nurturing them, it was decided none of them had survived and the incubator was turned off. The unusually warm weather for England kept a constant enough heat to give everyone a pleasant surprise as a very lucky duckling tapped his way out of one of the eggs. Lucky Ducky, as he has now been named, squeaked away in his new home next to Spirit for a week or so when Jessica thought Lucky should have some sunlight on his back.
Placing him carefully in a cardboard box she put the box on the concrete floor of the yard in the sun and under her watchful eye as she went about her chores.

Jessica could see that Spirit was interested in what had been making all the noise next to him for so long; she watched in amazement as Spirit approached the cardboard box, peering inside with a gentle sniff, his eyes were soft and inquisitive, his ears forward, consumed with this little squeaky droplet of fluff inside the box.

In disbelief and with no fear for lucky, Jessica witnessed Spirit gently grasp the edge of Lucky's box in his teeth and with a concentrated eye on the ball of fluff inside, he started to pull the box as he walked backwards around the yard. Not once did he topple Lucky off his feet or frighten the little might, you could almost hear Spirit introducing Lucky to his new environment as he went: ‘This is where I live….. and this is Blackys box, he is very big but don’t worry he won’t hurt you, and this is the feed shed where mum keeps all the best bits’. 

Once Spirit had done his round with Lucky happily in tow he dropped the box back off and tip-toed back to bask in the sunshine.