Saturday, 20 June 2015

Chico's organic chicken demands

Though Chico showed no signs of being ill again, a small gland around his neck re-appeared in the spring of 2015. 

The vet decided to play it safe and found that the lymphoma had slightly surfaced again. Chico seemed to have no idea of the situation; jumping around with his normal zest for life.

It was decided to put him on a low dose of chemotherapy and not so often so as not to upset his system too much.

I have seen him more often and I am sure he is wondering what all the fuss is about but enjoys the cuddles from me never the less.
Chico’s coat is not so spotty, reverting to his old self and he is still giving Harry the run-around with three or four bowls of food at his command for each meal.. he even turns his nose up at non-organic chicken now, preferring the organic choice.....QUITE RIGHT TO!

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Spirit,Hungarian circus pony dreams of Saint Tropez

Spirit has certainly had SPIRIT throughout his life and even more so during the trying time with his poorly front feet; He has gone from Aladin Slippers to dainty toes, handmade shoes with rubber inserts, Knees that would not bend, a dramatic day with the vet and Playdough yet he still walks on. He is a pony with a zest for living and poorly feet will not stop him!

Now Jessica’s dear farrier John, has come up with another ingenious idea to help Spirit move with comfort; FLIP-FLOPS! Yes, those wonderful soft rubber beach shoes that slip between your toes; FLIP-Flops for Spirit. John could be seen wandering around the local clothes shop picking up all manner of shoes and other items, bending and squeezing them to imagine how they might work. When he came across the FLIP-FLOPS at £4.00 a pair his hunting was over; armed with four pairs of assorted colours he proceeded to the check-out.

The flip-flops were cut to shape and glued to Spirit’s front feet, within an hour Spirit was tripping across the gravel driveway as if he was on a beach in Saint Tropez much to Jessica and John’s delight.. Down the track he ambled marching round to eat the lawn in the front garden then back round past the goose feed and home... all on hard ground.

I’m not sure how long they will last over the gravel but at that price he can have as many as he likes in all different colours!

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Chico's Roquefort supper

Chico’s mix of Healing, Chemotherapy and natural remedies proved to work well as the specialist took a cell sample and couldn’t find any obvious cancer cell activity!

The vet was happy to gradually reduce and then stop the Chemotherapy treatment in October 2014 we were all very pleased with the little chap.

As with people, Chico’s (hair) had changed quite dramatically during the treatment; he was now speckled brown and white with many speckles on his face, I thought it looked quite distinguished.

I continued to see Chico each month or 6 weeks for a while. His appetite slowly reverted to the old Chico fuss pot, testing Harry’s patience to the full with tasty temptations from Roquefort cheese to freshly cooked beef! I’m sure Chico was doing it just to see how far Harry would go, he would always eat when he was hungry enough and never lost any weight.

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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Spirit, I can't stitch!

During the freezing cold nights I felt Spirit was feeling the cold around his kidneys so suggested Jessica Stitched a couple of pockets into his (jarmers) night rug then he could have the 24 hour hand warmers placed in them to keep him snug at night..... The things we do for our animals!

Jessica thought it was a great idea, yet the next time I spoke to her she had not done it.... or the next. When I asked her why the new rug design had not been created she cringed and squirmed then finally, with embarrassment admitted..... ‘I can’t stitch!’ So guess who got the job. 

I measured the warmers and made two pockets, strategically placed on the underside of his rug.. Jarmers, to warm his kidneys. I then stitched a bit of Velcro on the top opening of each for the warmer to slot into.
Spirits new pyjamas were ready for the next frosty night, which came two days later: Jessica said his eyes went all soft as he snuggled down in his thick bedding and warm rug.

The hand warmers seemed to do the trick, Spirit was much happier in the mornings.
He is now going out to his small field during the days he feels like it, the other days he stays around the yard and goose food, giving Jessica the run around and anyone who gets too close, a nip.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tazz dog

Dear Tazz became weak on Sunday, his legs were struggling to lift him and he seemed happy to stay in his bed. 

I saw him on Tuesday; his Chi (energy) was very weak, Sheila and I were in agreement that Tazz had decided it was time to move on to the next life. He was not in any distress or pain, just weak. As with all owners, I suggested Sheila told Tazz that it was okay for him to go, she would miss him but she would be all right. This often gives the animal or person permission to let go..... seems she had already done so!

Tazz passed away quietly on Wednesday from old age. It was a privilege to have known both Tazz and his family.