Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Not good weather for ducky!

I visited Tazz dog yesterday; he is doing well, it seems the caner lump has not increased in size at all from the start of all his holistic treatment which is wonderful news.
As with most of the animal kingdom in the south of England (including Ducky), he is very fed up with this constant rainfall. It is upsetting his walking routine and you know how oldies like routine! His aging bones are getting a bit weary as they would at his age so getting up and down from his comfy bed is more of a struggle for him. He is happy to carry on and by no means ready to go on to his next life just yet.

Poor Ducky’s house was flooded in the night, he was most indignant with it all, protesting at the top of his quack. He had to move home to higher ground.

He is in desperate need of a mate yet none of the other ducks on the pond are interested, maybe because he was hand reared by Jessica. The problem is he has bonded with Jessica, pulling at her legs as he follows her around the yard, if she dares to stop and talk to anyone he has a quackey fit, pecking and protesting until all her attention is back with him. 
We may have a girly for him in the spring but that seems such a long way off right now.

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