Monday, 13 April 2015

Spirit,Hungarian circus pony dreams of Saint Tropez

Spirit has certainly had SPIRIT throughout his life and even more so during the trying time with his poorly front feet; He has gone from Aladin Slippers to dainty toes, handmade shoes with rubber inserts, Knees that would not bend, a dramatic day with the vet and Playdough yet he still walks on. He is a pony with a zest for living and poorly feet will not stop him!

Now Jessica’s dear farrier John, has come up with another ingenious idea to help Spirit move with comfort; FLIP-FLOPS! Yes, those wonderful soft rubber beach shoes that slip between your toes; FLIP-Flops for Spirit. John could be seen wandering around the local clothes shop picking up all manner of shoes and other items, bending and squeezing them to imagine how they might work. When he came across the FLIP-FLOPS at £4.00 a pair his hunting was over; armed with four pairs of assorted colours he proceeded to the check-out.

The flip-flops were cut to shape and glued to Spirit’s front feet, within an hour Spirit was tripping across the gravel driveway as if he was on a beach in Saint Tropez much to Jessica and John’s delight.. Down the track he ambled marching round to eat the lawn in the front garden then back round past the goose feed and home... all on hard ground.

I’m not sure how long they will last over the gravel but at that price he can have as many as he likes in all different colours!

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