Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Fred the spider

So, there I was taking a meditation class last night: low lighting, candles on the table, calm music playing and all the people starting to chill out into their own little worlds with their eyes shut. Our toes were just relaxing along with the rest of our bodies, I took a long breath in to continue my narration when the music changed to a disco beat!! The relaxing toes started to dance!  Ahhh, so much for my knowledge of MP3 players.

We all had a laugh as I re-set the music and started again.
All was going well, everyone was half way through my guided meditation when something caught my eye in the dimly lit room; a VERY LARGE shadow scurried out from under my chair, heading for the door. It was a mighty Hertfordshire Spider! Now, don't get me wrong spiders are wonderful things and I cannot say I am frightened of them but I certainly did not want this one climbing up my, or anyone else's, legs.

I can proudly say my voice did not waiver mid sentence as I managed to keep my composure. One eye on the explorations of Fred, the spider and the other on my script, I watched him (or her) hug the wall and head for the door; "that's it" I'm saying to myself, "squeeze under the door and out of sight". Alas he was too big for the gap at the bottom so back he came, criss-crossing the space between the door and my chair from whence he came.

"Now I want you to see your perfect tree in front of you" I continued as Fred gained speed. " it can be straight and tall or have twists and turns" . . As Fred twisted and turned across the carpet and out of sight under my chair. "dangle your feet in the cool clear water of the stream" My feet came off the ground as I waited for him to re-appear on the other sign of him! The core muscles of my abdomen were working over time. " float there for a while in peacefulness" Was Fred listening to my words, was he floating under my chair in peacefulness? The natural light from the window was fading, making it even harder to see.... My eyes were darting from left to right, which way would he come out.... there... at last he sauntered out and made his way to the corner of the room where he merged himself into the shadows.

"Return to a normal state of consciousness, feeling better than you have all day"

Copyright ©2014 Helen Hilliard
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