Thursday, 30 May 2013

Frozen to the spot: Spirit the circus pony

My next visit found Spirit in his reduced field but not a happy ginger bunny: Jessica walked me to the gate saying how she wanted me to see Spirit with something on him, as he came in view I just about managed to stifle a laugh, the poor boy was now in his quarter size field full of lush green grass, unable to eat a blade of it. He was wearing a grazing muzzle, a mask with holes in for drinking and for small amounts of grass to penetrate to eat. 
The muzzle was not my reason for the laughter as I had seen these used on many horses, bless him, the reason I was amused was his statue-like pose; as soon as the muzzle went on in the field, he was struck motionless, unable to move a single foot, head or even tail. He was standing with his head facing a fence when it went on and ten minutes later he was still there. The muzzle had triggered an old message for him to stand completely still.

Jessica and I tried to relax him, enticing him with tufts of grass to slowly take a step or two. He did not seem frightened just frozen to the spot. Eventually we gave up and removed the muzzle, he immediately walked off down his little field. Sadly he really did have to wear the muzzle as the rich grass would only exasperate his foot trouble.
He was walking much better, not perfect but much better.

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