Thursday, 17 April 2014

An extra Star in the sky

A week and a bit after Stars last session she took a turn for the worse: completely out of energy, only moving for food and to go into the garden. Her breathing was laboured and her abdomen swollen again. 
Her owners contacted myself and Richard by phone for suggestions but were not very hopeful.

I immediately sent absent healing for her but she was fading fast. 

Before she started to suffer the Vet was called. She was so ready to go that the injection never made it into her body before she passed peacefully.

Dear Star will be sadly missed by many, and although I knew her for such a short time she has made a lasting impression on me.

She is running around happily now in spirit and keeping a close eye on her loving owners and sister, Honey. 

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spirit pony has a Goosey Gander

Spirit is doing very well, he has his ups and downs and I think he will always have the odd problem. Much like a dancer would as they get on in life, the wear and tear catches up with them. Spirit may not have been a ballet dancer but I feel sure he used to dance around the circus in his own way.

His coat is lovely and shinny, he stands taller than ever, his long ‘Aladdin slipper’ front feet are now short and tidy just as they should be and he loves his new shoes. He is walking well over the concrete floor as well as in the field even managing an occasional ten minute trot with Blacky following alongside in the next field and he is always up to his old tricks:

Whilst busy mucking out Spirits stable last week, Jessica took her eyes off the cheeky boy only to then see his rear end disappearing through the adjoining door to the other stables, the duck pond and of course….. the goose feed! She went running after him with broom in hand to fend him off the feed bin but his mind was made up, he broke into a trot straight for the metal dustbin around the corner that housed the feed. He reached it in lightning time and with only two attempts, knocked the lid from the bin. The bin was half full which meant Spirit’s head, complete with muzzle, disappeared entirely into the dustbin to reach the nectar, hovering it up through the holes in his muzzle before Jessica caught up with him.

Forget the carrots to lead him on…. 

We just need a dustbin of goose feed!

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Star dog, on the move

Star’s 4th visit came with the news that her blood count had remained the same, no better but also no worse. Again, she seemed quite happy in herself. 

The healing on her neck had moved down more towards her back this time. Not only had the point moved but it seemed less concentrated as if, whatever it was had dissipated. When I mentioned this to Richard he thought it was positive, as with some illnesses they can move from the top of the body to the bottom and then out of the system all together.

This put me in mind of my sister when she was around 12 years old: she developed a blood blister rash inside her mouth, on investigation the Doctors found she had no white blood cells therefore having no coagulation to seal any cuts. She was admitted to the local hospital with no sharp objects in reach. Bless her, she was bored out of her mind in a ward full of elderly ladies and to all intensive purposes feeling fine. Over the following seven days the rash moved from her mouth to her neck, down her chest and back, leaving no sign in its wake, then down her legs until it was just on her feet. As it left her feet the white blood cells returned to normal as if nothing had happened!

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Collie dog Star at 7%!

Stars 2nd visit came with a wagging tail, she was pleased to see me. Her owners explained how she was back to her old ways for 3 days after the last healing even doing a bit of playing with her sister Honey and her bad leg was better too.  Then she took a turn for the worse with sickness and diarrhoea, she spent some time at the Vets who was worried she would not survive another bout of it.

Star did seem to have more energy despite her setback. The healing went in well, no wind this time and she went off to see Richard Allport quite sprightly.

 Stars 3rd visit came with very good news: her blood count was better but most importantly she had started to produce red blood cells at a rate of 7 %.

Richard’s remedies had been started for the last few days which should also be making a difference soon.

Star was much better in herself but still quite lethargic (not surprisingly). She had plenty of energy to give me a big cuddle though; Honey had to get in on the act too. We all settled on the floor for Star’s healing as calm descended the room. I was concerned that the healing was still quite strong in the usual two places on her spine as I had hoped it would not need as much by this time.

We had to wake Star up to go home.

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