Friday, 26 April 2013

Spirit, Hungarian circus pony: sting in his tail

Spirit was doing well for a while until poor Jessica had another trauma with Blacky: he managed to breath a bug up his nostril which decided to sting him, causing anaphylactic shock to set into Blacky’s body, his face swelled like the Vet had never seen before. As Blackys stable is alongside Spirit’s and has a dividing wall that Blacky can see over, Spirit was privy to all the discomfort and drama Blacky was going through. 

Spirit found himself stressing back to his past life once more, imagining the loss of his big friend. Jessica tried to comfort Spirit whilst coping with Blacky but the inevitable stress brought on Spirits lameness once more.

Blacky was dosed up with the Vets drugs which did the trick and by the end of the next day his face was far more recognisable, though a couple of other lumps on his body were taking longer to go. Spirit, however was now feeling the effects of his stress again as he hobbled on the toe of his front foot.

As I arrived on the yard I had to say hello to Spirit first lest he threw a tantrum, then on to give Blacky some healing. Once done I focused on Spirit; I found myself somewhat frustrated that I was merely healing each onset of Spirit’s ailments and not getting to the bottom of his continued lameness. I tuned into my guides: Buster Lloyd Jones, Charles Siddle and now a new guide called Lesley for help. 

Right from the first time I met Spirit I knew his intelligence had a lot to do with his stress, which in turn upsets his body, but since then we had straightened his deformed leg, sorted his back and adjusted his feet, loosing sight of the reason he stresses: his intelligence and long memory.

When I asked my guides what was causing the lameness in Spirit I was given an emphatic answer: ‘It’s the knee’. Fine, the answer was so sure, I had no doubt they were correct. Jessica held his teeth at bay whilst I set about giving his knee some strong healing….

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Meditation evenings

I am starting a Meditation/Relaxation evening in Stevenage, Hertfordshire every Wednesday evening.

It is a chance to think solely of yourself, to relax physically and mentally and to look at changing your life for the better.

There is a limited number of people due to the size of the room so you will need to book in advance.
Approximately 1 hour, starting at 7:30 p m at the Hertford Road Community Centre:,+Kenilworth+Close,+Stevenage&hl=en&sll=51.84006,-0.275111&sspn=0.623644,1.234589&oq=hertford+road+co&hq=Hertford+Road,&hnear=Kenilworth+Close,+Stevenage,+Hertfordshire,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=16

£5.00 per person 


Apologies to those of you reading this in Russia / Australia / United States / Canada / Finland / France / Latvia / Pakistan  and more!


Monday, 15 April 2013

Spirit:'round round wheels go, down up down'

Blacky’s injury has been taking my attention away from Spirit these last few weeks, I have been giving him the occasional healing zap on his back and knees but Jessica and I have been concerned about Blacky more and this, I am ashamed to say has back fired. Spirit has been getting stiff on his legs and now he is not always happy to come out of his house.

On the days Spirit is happy to go to his field he tip-toes across the shingle path then walks much better on the soft ground, where he still insists on rolling around in the mud, but I think he pays for it later in the day with a achy back.

Today I needed to pay Spirit a lot of attention with the healing, I was not sure if he needed work on his emotions, back, knees or all three so I started with a chat as I lay my hands on his head and neck. He stood beautifully still for me, no biting, no kicking and as he took the healing his eyes softened and even started to close. This really was not Spirits way yet I was not worried, I felt the stillness in him was due to the over due healing.

I soon realised he needed re-assurance again so I let him know how much he is loved and how he did not have to perform his tricks in order to be allowed to stay… he could be himself and Jessica would still love him and keep him; his demeanour relaxed a little more which made me realise how I had neglected him of late. I ran my hands slowly down his neck, all the while giving him lovely thoughts and on to his chest where I felt a surge of energy go through. The energy was not for a physical ailment but an old emotion that had reared its head; he was still pining for a soul mate who was taken from him in his former life at the circus. This soul mate was another pony, almost identical to Spirit, they were a double act and comrades but one day he was taken away, never to be seen again. Spirit was heart broken! How I did not know about this before worried me, ‘how could I have missed something so profound in his life?’ Then I understood; the shock of seeing Blacky taken away brought it all back. If Spirit could cry I think he would have done, as I certainly had tears for him. As I raised my head to tell Jessica of the tragedy, she too had sensed the emotions and was welling up.

I searched my mind to find out what happened to his soul mate, the answer, from one of my guides, soon came back; he had passed away that day but Spirit did not know. I asked if the dear departed pony could come to see Spirit, to re-assure him of his well being in the next life. Sure enough there in our mind’s eyes was a double of Spirit, younger and slimmer but very similar. I showed Spirit how well his mate was and how he did not need to worry. Rather oddly, the soul mate was sporting a pair of small wings on his back…. Not something I had seen before, he floated around happy as anything.

Though Spirit did listen to me and I am sure was able to see his pal, I feel he will require a couple more sessions to convince him.

I gave him healing for his legs and back as he stood still and relaxed for me, Jessica counted seven big yawns during his healing. I finished by telling him once again that he will be loved by his mum for who he is and not for what he can do, it was at this point he gave Jessica such loving nudges with his head and for the first time, with no teeth!

After explaining the story to Jessica she wondered if the wings on Spirit’s soul mate were perhaps part of their act together.

I feel once Spirit relaxes emotionally, he will also relax physically and be so much better for it.

Ten minutes after his extra long healing session, Spirit was rolling around the mud in his field with his back legs flailing as if he was riding a bicycle! – I’m sorry to say I missed filming it.

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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Charlie cat: Delirium tremors!

When touching Charlie’s lower back I noticed he craned his head and neck at a very strange, contorted angle, a couple of times he whipped around with an angry meow as if to bite me … I got the hint and stayed away from that area. Soon the fur of his back started to part in clumps, indicating trouble and he cleaned this area quite manically too. 

The healing I gave him only seemed to exacerbate his irritation. There is a wonderful natural remedy that works on almost everything …. Garlic spray; I crept up on Charlie with the spray then ran along behind him spraying as we went, it became a game of ‘cat and owner’ this, however had little or no effect either. 

I decided a visit to the vet was called for. He was a good boy and went into the carrier without too much of a struggle. On arrival at the Vet’s table, having explained the situation Charlie was prodded and poked around, he did his strange head movement but did not complain. There were no fleas to annoy him, no dry skin but it was rather pink close to the area where Charlie had been grooming frantically, as close as he could get to the spot. The vet suggested putting some oil into his food to help the skin, if it continued we could test for allergies but he hinted that it was not always conclusive.

Charlie was very happy to be back in his new home but continued to groom. The thought crossed my mind that poor Charlie might be getting withdrawal symptoms from the drugs his late owner, John, smoked in the house; itchy skin, manic movements, even hallucinations, perhaps I should try contacting John for some advice!

I decided to talk to the living first; namely Richard Allport, the homeopathic Vet I work alongside at The Natural Medicine Centre, the following day.