Friday, 26 October 2012

Mayhem from Spirit, the Hungarian circus pony

Jessica’s farrier was amazed at Spirits progress…once he had tricked him out of his stable!
It seems Spirit was in one of his stubborn moods the morning the farrier was due again, he was not coming out of his stable whilst HE was there, they tried all tactics that would not stress him for fear of setting off the laminitis but he would not come out to play. John was about to leave in defeat when they tried one more strategy: he packed up his tools, placed them back in the car and said a loud goodbye to Jessica. As he pulled away Spirit came hopping out of the stable all chuffed with himself, Jessica closed the stable door behind him whilst John did a U turn with his car returning to deal with the cunning lad!

John was indeed amazed at Spirits nimbleness; his knees and feet were lovely and loose no troubles picking each one up to treat him. Now he has shiny short hooves to go with his shiny teeth.

The Cushings medicine (which he takes from a syringe like a baby), healing, natural remedies and Jessica’s love and devotion have finally paid off, Spirit is a different pony from the one I first met.

Jessica asked me to check on Blacky’s emotional state after a potentially nasty incident the other day:  It seems Blacky was spooked by a leaf or a bird or something just as inane whilst in the field which sent him at a full gallop far too close to the fence where he managed to entangle his tail in some barbed wire thus frightening him all the more. In a blind panic, thinking the wire was chasing him Blacky then galloped round and round the field at full pelt trying to escape the horrid wire chasing him. Worried the wire would catch his legs, Jessica could do very little to help the situation, simply talking calmly to him each time he passed her.

Spirit and Banker saw their chance to escape the mayhem through the now unsecured fence, making their way out of the field towards the yards. Jessica could only watch as she was unable to leave Blacky.  Ten minutes passed with Blacky still at full pace and no sign of the others, as luck would have it her brother arrived ready and willing to help. She told him to jog… not run so as not to spook Blacky any more than he already was, to the house to fetch some scissors, Polos and see what the other two were up to. Banker, though a little on edge with the upset of his day, was behaving himself on the yard, Spirit however was nowhere to be seen.
Blacky eventually ran out of steam and came to Jessica close to collapse with his head hung low, sweat over his body desperate for affection and wire in tow. She cut the wire free from his tail and was thankful for no real damage. After sorting Blacky she needed to find Spirit: the trail of destruction was easy to follow, up-tuned wheel barrows, feed buckets pushed around, brooms and tack thrown everywhere, the trail lead under tapes, through to the next yard on the farm and round several corners where sure enough there he was head on the floor munching away at the up-turned goose feed without a care in the world!

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