Saturday, 30 November 2013

Charlie cat's new wrist watch.

Removing the strap from Charlie’s new watch was quite easy, threading Charlie’s collar back through the watch then back across the other side was a little more fiddly but I managed. It was only at this point did it cross my mind that Charlie had never worn a collar! Maybe he would not tolerate it… 
With Mr. Bean ticking beside him I crept up and swiftly placed the collar around his neck, he sat still whilst I adjusted the size to allow the watch to sit close to his ear. Just one shake of his head then back to sleep for Charlie. It seems the collar did not bother him at all.

I removed Mr. Bean and waited…………. Half an hour passed with no grooming or scratching and he was still docile…..It worked.

Dear Charlie spent most of the next two weeks catching up on much needed sleep, just surfacing for food or the call of nature. During this time, Harry cat tentatively approached him with very little reaction, the house was calm and stress free for the first time since Charlies' arrival!

Now that he had his ‘Tick-Tock Collar’ on it did not take long for me to realise how different foods were sending him twitchy too: the tinned food he came with was not good so I tried some organic tinned food – still not good, fish was a huge mistake, he reacted to that immediately. Rice and chicken was good but he was soon throwing the rice back up, this left him with the exciting diet of…..Chicken and more chicken. 
Luckily Charlie will eat anything you put in front of him so he never complained. I added the vitamins and minerals he needed to bring him and especially his skin back to a good condition with a supplement powder in his chicken, but just a quarter of a tea spoon as anymore would send him twitching again.

Things were looking up for Charlie.

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