Friday, 10 January 2014

Spirit, Hungarian Circus Pony: All in the wrapping.

My mind was battling with my instinct for over an hour as I went about my business with one ear on the phone waiting for Jessica’s call. My instinct was telling me not to worry whilst my mind was indeed worrying about the blood coming from Spirits feet.

I was just walking away from my Stevenage practice as the call came in: ‘Well?’ I asked hesitantly…. Jessica, with no intonation in her voice at all said ‘The farrier has been and he too was worried so he took one of the shoes off that he had spent hours putting on.’ ‘and…?’ I said.
Still in a monotone voice she said ‘It was the red cardboard!!’

After a second or two of silence as the penny dropped, I found myself standing in the street screaming with laughter and relief.
Spirit had gone out to the field in the morning dew, happily trotting around in his new shoes. The dew penetrated the RED cardboard under his shoe so that when Jessica arrived to check on him, to all intensive purposes the red stained water dripping from both his feet looked remarkably like blood! Even the farrier was fooled until he removed the shoe from a reluctant Spirit. 

Poor Spirit, finally he gets to trot around unimpeded in his lovely shoes and with no pain, when one is pulled form him again.
He tried to tell them nothing was wrong but they insisted on removing it!

The farrier will not be using RED cardboard again.

Copyright ©2014 Helen Hilliard
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