Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ducky's new girlfriends

Lucky Ducky has grown to enormous proportion and towers over all the other ducks on the pond. Jessica and I waded into the pond to encourage him to go swimming with the others; it took a few attempts but he now swims around with them, I’m not sure if they are his friends or they are simply fascinated by him. 

Once he has his morning ablutions at the pond he waddles back to the chicken pen to check on the latest chick arrivals like a worried father.

My friend Helen texted me some time ago to say she has a chicken sitting on two duck eggs! Maybe one will be female and a spouse for Lucky, at least she will be content to make her home with the chickens in Lucky’s pad.

They are now bigger than their foster mother and all white, one is larger than the other but they are still difficult to sex. Helen’s husband, Graham told me something I never knew before about ducks: apparently a male duck will make a short clipped noise sounding like ‘mum mum, mum mum, mum mum’ where a female will have a longer tone sounding like ‘ naaaaaggg, naaaaaggg, naaaaggg, naaaaaggg’. Fascinating and funny at the same time!

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