Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Spirit the Hungarian Circus Pony: Jack-in-the-box!

Spirit and Blacky have been coping surprisingly well with the loss of Banker. On several occasions, instead of Spirit walking straight home from the field with Jessica he dragged her over towards the trees and just stood and stared. ‘I know Banker is there’, Jessica remarked, ‘I ask him to walk us home as he always used to, and that is when Spirit is happy to go with me.’ Spirit has been on such good form that he and Blacky have been staying out till dusk…. Even if Jessica wanted them in.
Jessica placed Banker’s ashes at the top end of the field late one evening whilst everyone slept, yet the following morning as Spirit was led to the field, he did his usual roll around in the dust before jumping and running directly to that spot. He came to a complete standstill directly on top of it then with the jump of a Jack-in-the-box exploding from its house he sprang from it looking shocked and surprised, just as if Banker had told him to get off!
As you can imagine, Jessica has not wanted to disturb Banker’s stable since he has been gone, people have been lovely placing flowers there and little notes of sadness for them. The other evening Jessica and her cat walked to the yard as they always did, to put the boys to bed. Spirit was roaming about in his usual manner when Jessica felt strong enough for the first time to sit in Banker’s stable for a while (with cat for protection against the mice). All felt calm and peaceful in there, she noticed Spirit nosing in too, not sure if he should or even could visit the old boy’s house so Jessica spoke softly to him letting him know it was okay if he wanted to enter. He tentatively tip-toed through the door and over to the far corner when all of a sudden he sprang into the air like a Jack-in-the-box exploding from its house. In an instant he was outside looking in with shock and surprise written over his face!
Instead of Banker looking towards his mum for help as he used to do when Spirit would constantly sneak into his quarters he had told Spirit in no uncertain terms to ‘Get out!’ Jessica could almost hear Banker laughing at the little stunned boy as he kept him on his toes - in the nicest possible way of course.

Titan's Tale - Kindle / PC book

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