Friday, 9 August 2013

Snoring Jenny

I met a lovely new dog called Jenny, along with her owner, Paula.
Jenny dog is of mixed race and suffering with Addison’s disease and pancreatitis  (

On top of this her owner Paula has a stressful life which cannot help but rub off on Jenny.

Her conventional vet and her homeopathic vet are treating the Addisons which seems to be starting to kick in but Paula is worried about Jenny’s lack of energy and stressed state. Richard Allport suggested she bring Jenny dog to see me.

Paula was quite up-front from the start she said ‘I’m not sure why I am here, I told all my friends I’d probably be in and out in five minutes as there is no way Jenny will sit still for healing let alone react to it’. Like a red rag to a bull for me, I gave her a wry smile and said, ‘well lets see what I can do shall we’.

Jenny was plodding around my small room thinking about sitting down on numerous occasions then off she would go again. Instead of pinning her into a corner I decided to work on her from a distance first, just to slow her down a little: I concentrated on her mind, giving out relaxing, safe energies as she grew more and more weary. Within a couple of minutes she had settled on the floor by the door where I joined her. 

I placed my hand on her head and started my usual healing method. I could hear and see the shock of Paula as dear Jenny succumbed to the healing energies.
By the time I was finished Jenny dog was out for the count on the floor, gently snoring, Paula was thrilled and amazed adding ‘My friends will not believe it!’ It took us a while to wake Jenny up to go home.
I have since seen her a couple more times and she is doing very well.

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