Sunday, 23 March 2014

Shining Star!

 Star is a lovely middle aged black and white Collie dog who has won many awards and hearts during her life but has grown weak and tired. 
The veterinary tests showed she is not producing red blood cells making her anaemic, weak and has an enlarged spleen. 
After many tests the vets found no reason for the problem and are looking into an ‘Auto-Immune’ possibility. This is where the immune system seems to become bored and turns on itself… in Stars case on her ability to reproduce red blood cells.
She is on steroids and another drug to knock out her immune system with the hope that it will re-set itself to normal.

Star is inseparable from her tan and white sister Honey, so when her owners brought her to The Natural Medicine Centre to see me, Honey came too. I had a fuss and cuddle with them both before Star settled on the floor, leaving me listening  to her distraught and worried owners as they told me her tale.  

 When I started the healing she was a little unsure of the strange feeling so continued to get up, move across the room then settle again with me in hot pursuit on my knees. Catching up each time I gave her re-assurance that I would not hurt her. Thankfully this only carried on for five minutes until she felt safe and calm with the energy.

I expected to do much healing around her neck, immune area but was surprised to find little energy going in there. Instead I was drawn to a part of her spine just a little further down from her neck. Here the healing was very strong, I stayed until it dissipated and watched Star relax even more as I did so. Then to her tight, bloated stomach with it’s slightly pink skin showing where the vet had shaved her, this healing caused Star to close her eyes and repose so much she broke wind creating an interesting aroma in the small room;  ‘well that should make her feel a bit better’ I said whilst we all gasped for breath!

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