Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Spirit cleaning: Like a dog with a scent.

I’m afraid I tend to be rather abrupt once I am aware of a spirit I have been searching for; rather like a dog catching a scent and following it!   

Apologising to Tom I turned my back to him mid sentence and climbed the stairs. I had already asked Tom’s permission to wander in and out of any room; the house had been empty for some time so I was not going to stumble across anyone’s underwear.

As I reached the landing I slowly walked into the first bedroom: the male spirit was not as strong there, the second bedroom had the same effect. Entering the smaller back bedroom was a completely different experience; I could feel the gentleman’s energy three fold, this was where I was to settle and chat to the spirit. Tom was close behind me; so I explained my feelings as I went. 

I had the spirit’s complete attention, about to ask him some questions when he was drawn away from me with fascination for the chanting that had just started downstairs; The two ladies had made themselves at home in the lounge and were repeating a lovely Indian chant which had an irresistible allure to our gentleman spirit. I could not help but chuckle to myself, sat on the bed having been abandoned.

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