Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Spirit Cleaning: Family house with no children

I explained the situation to Tom and asked him if he would ask the ladies to refrain from the chanting, he trotted downstairs and the chanting ceased. I sat on the edge of a single bed waiting for the gentleman spirit to return, it did not take long before I was introducing myself to an elderly gentleman of ‘cuddly’ proportion, dressed in casual trousers, shirt and well loved and worn jacket that was very comfortable being left open. He had fair skin and very little hair as you would expect from a man of his years.

Once I was introduced to Clifford he immediately picked up on all the questions I had racing through my mind; why are you still here? What were your circumstances when you were alive? Did you live in this house? Were you alone? 

Clifford’s answers came across to me as images, expressions, feelings and words: ‘We were very lucky to be moved up here after the war, they wanted to fill these houses with new families, start a new community away from the city.’ I could see he was talking about himself and his wife, they were newly-weds intending to start a family but the family never came, it seems they could not have the children they so desperately wished for, instead living out their lives in the family house alone. 

They made some friends in the area, ‘some you could call good and others that were just around’ he said. The couple grew ever closer and loving through their childless lives.

Still I was none the wiser for his apparent reluctance to leave his home.

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