Thursday, 9 April 2015

Chico's Roquefort supper

Chico’s mix of Healing, Chemotherapy and natural remedies proved to work well as the specialist took a cell sample and couldn’t find any obvious cancer cell activity!

The vet was happy to gradually reduce and then stop the Chemotherapy treatment in October 2014 we were all very pleased with the little chap.

As with people, Chico’s (hair) had changed quite dramatically during the treatment; he was now speckled brown and white with many speckles on his face, I thought it looked quite distinguished.

I continued to see Chico each month or 6 weeks for a while. His appetite slowly reverted to the old Chico fuss pot, testing Harry’s patience to the full with tasty temptations from Roquefort cheese to freshly cooked beef! I’m sure Chico was doing it just to see how far Harry would go, he would always eat when he was hungry enough and never lost any weight.

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