Monday, 15 October 2012

Spirit the Hungarian Circus Pony:The Dentist was coming!

The Dentist was due to see Spirit!
Jessica was not sure how he would react, although he had been treated before, it was with a small sedative and for a short time, this was going to be a grown-up appointment.
Spirit likes to have attention from the Vet and absolutely must have any medicines being handed out....and first in the queue! He will love any syringed medicine into his mouth, tablets, muscle rubs, massage, anything that brings attention  is gratefully accepted. It was possible he may enjoy the dentist or he may freak-out with stress endangering a laminitus attack, on the other hand he may retaliate by standing on his back legs. Jessica asked if I would be there to send nice calming vibes in his direction, and for that matter in hers too.
Once again, as with the farrier, I was incredibly impressed with the 'Horse Dental Technician' Ben, he was so relaxed and at one with the horses they soon felt safe and secure in his hands. Spirit was trying to nibble his fingers but Ben was wiley, leaning in to Spirit's home with an air of superiority as Spirit stepped back away from him. Poor Spirit was not used to being dominated, tolerated maybe, he threw me a look that said 'who did this chap think he was, does he not know I BITE!' As Ben went to fetch his tools Spirit had a sulk by throwing himself on the floor and kicking his legs in the air like a spoilt child that did not get his way. Ben soon had Spirit enjoying a nose rub and everyone was forgiven.
I stood at a safe distance on the other side of the stable door sending healing and re-assurance and before he knew what was going on Spirit had the metal contraption over his head and bracing his front teeth. Ben gently talked to him and Jessica whilst Spirit became acclimatized to the collar and brace then bit by bit Ben ratcheted the brace open to reveal Spirits nasty nashers. Once Spirit had found the wall with his back side he gave in to Ben's work. I'm not sure if Spirit was starting to enjoy the attention at this time but he certainly was by the time Ben was doing the polishing.
He now has shinny, smooth teeth and a new friend in Ben.

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