Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pickle is not cross

I have an apology to make to Pickle, I never have been very good with makes and models and I could be forgiven as poorly Pickle is only half her old weight at 12 kg... She is not a cross but a pure English Bull Terrier: sorry Pickle you're still lovely.

She is still eating loads but bowel movements still liquid and only gained a couple of pounds but it is a gain and not a loss which is improvement.
She did not want to settle down for her healing today, Jenny took her out to see if she needed to go but nothing. I caught up with her in one corner of my room at Potters Bar where she conceded but would only sit. The healing revealed an uncomfortable area high on her abdomen, not a definite spot, more of an all-over upset so I am hoping it is just the months of inflammation still healing. The Vets have done every test under the sun which showed nothing so fingers crossed for her. She is such a quiet soul, I have never heard a noise from her, just the occasional paw at the door when she needs to go.
Again, very little energy going into her neck which leads me to think the cause of all this may be sorted; now we need to re-build her.
She is on chicken, fish and the Vet's diet food and the steroids are still being reduced. She started on the slippery Elm remedy the day before so that may start to help too. Jenny tells me she is still in good spirits.

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