Friday, 26 April 2013

Spirit, Hungarian circus pony: sting in his tail

Spirit was doing well for a while until poor Jessica had another trauma with Blacky: he managed to breath a bug up his nostril which decided to sting him, causing anaphylactic shock to set into Blacky’s body, his face swelled like the Vet had never seen before. As Blackys stable is alongside Spirit’s and has a dividing wall that Blacky can see over, Spirit was privy to all the discomfort and drama Blacky was going through. 

Spirit found himself stressing back to his past life once more, imagining the loss of his big friend. Jessica tried to comfort Spirit whilst coping with Blacky but the inevitable stress brought on Spirits lameness once more.

Blacky was dosed up with the Vets drugs which did the trick and by the end of the next day his face was far more recognisable, though a couple of other lumps on his body were taking longer to go. Spirit, however was now feeling the effects of his stress again as he hobbled on the toe of his front foot.

As I arrived on the yard I had to say hello to Spirit first lest he threw a tantrum, then on to give Blacky some healing. Once done I focused on Spirit; I found myself somewhat frustrated that I was merely healing each onset of Spirit’s ailments and not getting to the bottom of his continued lameness. I tuned into my guides: Buster Lloyd Jones, Charles Siddle and now a new guide called Lesley for help. 

Right from the first time I met Spirit I knew his intelligence had a lot to do with his stress, which in turn upsets his body, but since then we had straightened his deformed leg, sorted his back and adjusted his feet, loosing sight of the reason he stresses: his intelligence and long memory.

When I asked my guides what was causing the lameness in Spirit I was given an emphatic answer: ‘It’s the knee’. Fine, the answer was so sure, I had no doubt they were correct. Jessica held his teeth at bay whilst I set about giving his knee some strong healing….

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