Sunday, 14 April 2013

Charlie cat: Delirium tremors!

When touching Charlie’s lower back I noticed he craned his head and neck at a very strange, contorted angle, a couple of times he whipped around with an angry meow as if to bite me … I got the hint and stayed away from that area. Soon the fur of his back started to part in clumps, indicating trouble and he cleaned this area quite manically too. 

The healing I gave him only seemed to exacerbate his irritation. There is a wonderful natural remedy that works on almost everything …. Garlic spray; I crept up on Charlie with the spray then ran along behind him spraying as we went, it became a game of ‘cat and owner’ this, however had little or no effect either. 

I decided a visit to the vet was called for. He was a good boy and went into the carrier without too much of a struggle. On arrival at the Vet’s table, having explained the situation Charlie was prodded and poked around, he did his strange head movement but did not complain. There were no fleas to annoy him, no dry skin but it was rather pink close to the area where Charlie had been grooming frantically, as close as he could get to the spot. The vet suggested putting some oil into his food to help the skin, if it continued we could test for allergies but he hinted that it was not always conclusive.

Charlie was very happy to be back in his new home but continued to groom. The thought crossed my mind that poor Charlie might be getting withdrawal symptoms from the drugs his late owner, John, smoked in the house; itchy skin, manic movements, even hallucinations, perhaps I should try contacting John for some advice!

I decided to talk to the living first; namely Richard Allport, the homeopathic Vet I work alongside at The Natural Medicine Centre, the following day.

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