Friday, 17 May 2013

Nap time for Spirit, Hungarian circus pony

After several visits for healing, many bandage changes, lots of love and affection, kisses from the farrier (when he thought no one was looking!), encouragement from his cell mate – Blacky, lots of homeopathy and buckets of tears, the dreaded day of the vets visit arrived.

Spirit and Blacky had taken to having a mid-morning nap in their stables and unfortunately this was just the time the vet chose to arrive; seeing Spirit on the floor. Jessica tried to explain how they both have a mid – morning snooze but Spirit had been on his feet and doing so much better that week. No matter how she put the words she was sounding desperate and the vet knew it, he was still worried to see Spirit down. Jessica brought Spirits favourite treat to entice him to his feet; it worked, his love for food made him stand, certainly not majestically but he managed it and wandered around the stable hauling his heavily bandaged, turned under foot with him.

After sedating Spirit (the teeth still worked fine!) he inspected the foot to find pus coming from it which, in my mind is good as the body is pushing it out, this together with seeing Blacky also asleep in his stable gave the vet a little hope. He re-bandaged and tentatively gave Spirit another week to progress but continually told Jessica how he had seen this before and it always ends in tears…. We had another week to rally together for him.

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