Monday, 27 May 2013

Swept away by the vet: Spirit, Circus pony

The Vet arrived with his x-ray machine to be greeted by Spirit standing on his step and looking bright, he could not believe his eyes. Though Spirit did not pull his coat off he was rather feisty. 

There was obvious improvement as Spirit was led on to the yard and once the bandage was removed to investigate and x-ray, Spirit took his chance and headed for freedom…. After days cooped up in his box with a stupid heavy bandage on his foot he saw his chance and was off to the field with renewed vigour, Jessica and the Vet in hot pursuit. The dreaded broom was needed to brush him back to the x-ray machine. Just as they thought they had him pinned in, he found a gap and was off again. I don’t think the Vet could believe it. The third attempt was successful, Spirit’s foot was re-bandaged, though not as heavily this time and he was led back to his Stable.

The x-ray was looking a little better but the Vet was trying not to be too optimistic, ‘He is not out of the woods yet Jessica’ he said but for the first time during Spirits ordeal he did smile and gave Jessica a re-assuring pat on her shoulder. He was to return in two weeks time. 

Does any one else find the broom a handy tool with horses?

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