Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The progress of Tazz dog

My second visit to see Tazz, a week later, found him greeting me at the front door with his barking; he was greatly improved from his operation, though only time would tell whether it was due to the growth being healed or simply a recovery from the anaesthetic.

Sheila told me how Tazz seemed more interested in life around him and had become more vocal, chatting away to people in the home. She was also amazed at how deeply and how long he slept after my last visit; ‘I’m glad you warned me he would sleep so much otherwise I would have been worried’ she said.

As I joined Tazz on the floor this time, he went straight to his bed beside me and lay himself out across it as if to say ‘I’m ready for that healing when you are’. Sheila and I laughed as he let out a heavy sigh.
I was pleased to feel that he needed less energy this time, still in the same areas, as expected but not so intense and with less urgency. Again, I sneaked out of the house as he slept.
We had decided on a gap of two weeks before the next healing session but Sheila would call me in the mean time if she was worried, especially with his three week dead-line coming up! …….

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