Friday, 18 October 2013

Three weeks left for Tazz

Tazz dog is a lovely placid, elderly boy that was diagnosed with cancer back in June this year. The decision was made to operate on his abdomen to remove the growth, alas once he was opened up it was clear that to remove the growth would be too risky and dangerous for him. They closed him back up and his owner Sheila, took him home for, what the vet said would be no more than three weeks.

Determined not to give up lightly on this member of the family Sheila took him to see our homeopathic vet Richard Allport.
Tazz went home with remedies and a suggestion to see Helen the Healer.

A week later I was at Tazzs’ door. Despite his weakness he still managed to bark at this stranger in his home. After chatting with Sheila I sat on the floor with Tazz and gently placed my hand on his head, he shuffled about a bit then gave in to the calm healing, spreading himself out on the floor but keeping an eye on Sheila for re-assurance.
He took lots of energy that day, especially around his lower abdomen and around his shaved wound. I left him sleeping soundly…..

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