Friday, 25 October 2013

Wooden top Spirit the Hungarian Circus Pony

I paid Spirit a call last week to give him some healing on his feet and a top up on his knees which I could immediately see were bouncing well: as I rounded the corner of the yard expecting to see Jessica and Spirit waiting for me I found it empty, peering into the distance of their field I could make out a frantic Jessica, muzzle in hand, trotting after Spirit who seemed to be doing a wonderful impression of Spotty Dog from the old children’s programme The Wooden Tops. His knees were bouncing up as high as he could get them as he ran from Jessica almost teasing her with his silly step: ‘I am not going to wear that muzzle and you will have to chase me all day to catch me!’
 After much laughter Jessica put the muzzle away and returned with the treats to entice him home.

His feet were not too bad but still not right. His knees were great, his back fine, he stood taller than I have ever seen him, a shiny red coat and long mane all suggested he was in good health, all apart from his two front feet.  I kept remembering the suggestion from Jessica’s farrier about putting special shoes on Spirit with cushion soles. When I mentioned it again to Jessica, she was reluctant to have it done as it would mean Spirit being pulled about for some hours to have them fitted. Stress for a laminitic horse can be very dangerous as it can bring on the symptoms more.  ‘I think you should have them done’ I said, ‘I’ll give him lots of healing and you can use homeopathic remedies to calm him too, I have a good feeling about it’.
Jessica said she would think on it.

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