Thursday, 17 April 2014

An extra Star in the sky

A week and a bit after Stars last session she took a turn for the worse: completely out of energy, only moving for food and to go into the garden. Her breathing was laboured and her abdomen swollen again. 
Her owners contacted myself and Richard by phone for suggestions but were not very hopeful.

I immediately sent absent healing for her but she was fading fast. 

Before she started to suffer the Vet was called. She was so ready to go that the injection never made it into her body before she passed peacefully.

Dear Star will be sadly missed by many, and although I knew her for such a short time she has made a lasting impression on me.

She is running around happily now in spirit and keeping a close eye on her loving owners and sister, Honey. 

Copyright ©2014 Helen Hilliard
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