Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Star dog, on the move

Star’s 4th visit came with the news that her blood count had remained the same, no better but also no worse. Again, she seemed quite happy in herself. 

The healing on her neck had moved down more towards her back this time. Not only had the point moved but it seemed less concentrated as if, whatever it was had dissipated. When I mentioned this to Richard he thought it was positive, as with some illnesses they can move from the top of the body to the bottom and then out of the system all together.

This put me in mind of my sister when she was around 12 years old: she developed a blood blister rash inside her mouth, on investigation the Doctors found she had no white blood cells therefore having no coagulation to seal any cuts. She was admitted to the local hospital with no sharp objects in reach. Bless her, she was bored out of her mind in a ward full of elderly ladies and to all intensive purposes feeling fine. Over the following seven days the rash moved from her mouth to her neck, down her chest and back, leaving no sign in its wake, then down her legs until it was just on her feet. As it left her feet the white blood cells returned to normal as if nothing had happened!

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