Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Spooky house clearing: Lighting up

Tom opened the windows and doors to let the joystick smoke flow from the house and managed to stop the smoke alarm from screeching.

Clifford, the spirit and I joined the others downstairs and I started to relay Clifford’s concerns, no sooner had I mentioned leaving a light on that a knowing and slightly bemused look flashed between Tom and his partner Sheila; ‘what?’ I enquired of them. Tom had often been adamant he turned the landing light off only to see it back on again, similar happenings had occurred with other lights in the house. Tom said it had become so common place that he gave up turning the landing light off and left it on all of the time now!
We had to laugh, it seems Clifford got his point across without my intervention on that one.

Tom assured Clifford that the electrics had recently been re-wired and he promised to check all of the windows were safe for children. We walked around the house and garden with Clifford in tow, asking about the safety of it all.

Although Clifford was happy about Tom’s efforts and his promise to keep the house safe in future, he was still not willing to move on. Clifford was not ‘Stuck’ in the house, neither was it stopping him from being with his wife. He had been popping back and forth keeping an eye on it for some time but more so once he knew it was to have new tenants.

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