Saturday, 9 March 2013

Poseur Spirit, the Hungarian Circus Pony

Along with the two new girlies on the yard came two new lovable tubby Labradors that are so friendly they have fitted into the group like they have always been there. Whilst Spirit was posing for the girls doing his beautiful ‘show pony’ gestures and flexing his muscles for them the dogs had a nose around their new environment distracting Spirit from his main objective. One of the Labs, called Sandy was so oblivious of Spirit holding his pose like a statue that it came as quite a shock to find the face of the ‘Ginger tormentor’ sniffing at her backside. The poor dog’s back legs seemed to jump quicker than her front ones, ending up in a contorted shocked state in front of Spirit. She need not have worried though, as Spirit was being a good boy that day and just gave her a friendly nudge with his nose. Maybe the girls will have a positive influence on the ginger Hungarian devil ….. then again… maybe not!

Jessica feels Spirit is asking to be worked again and has even considered putting a young rider on him. He has been out with his bridle on and behaves beautifully all be it for a short time.

The bond between Spirit and Blacky has strengthened since Banker passed away so when Blacky managed to seriously damage himself last week and was taken off to hospital, Spirit was devastated. They screamed at each other all the way down the drive until he was out of sight. Thankfully Blacky is recovering and is due home next week, trying to tell Spirit was somewhat tricky; It should have been straight forward, just place my hand on his head and re-assure him that his friend was okay and coming home. Every time I focused on Blacky, Spirit shook himself away from me in a sulk that told me ‘I don’t want to know!’ It was not from lack of care but from wishing to put his head in the sand because he did not want sad news about Blacky. In the end I had to give him a picture of the trailer that took Blacky away, but coming back into the yard. This got his attention so I continued with the video clip in our heads and made sure he could see that it was Blacky coming home again. This, Spirit was content with and was now happy to go about his business as usual.

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