Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tell Tale

Big Banker and Little Spirit
My recent visit involved healing for all three of Jessica's horses: a bit of calming for Blacky, and a top-up for Banker and Spirit. We took Spirit to a small area of grass to keep him amused whilst I did the healing. He was obviously feeling better as he pulled at the reign, walked backwards towards the pond, thought about rolling and attempted to nip at Jessica as she held him still. I was pleased with the energy I felt from him, the right knee, although still not perfect was strengthening well and his left leg was doing so much better as it did not have to compensate for the right leg any more.
I could not help but laugh at Spirit as he pranced around lifting his knees high and proud in front of him almost showing off.

Jessica lead him back to the field where she let him loose, to our horror and astonishment he went trotting up the field bucking as he went, he must be feeling better.

As I enjoyed my coffee in Jessica's kitchen I looked out of the window across the yard surprised to see big Banker coming back to the stables from the field, he looked all around then glanced over to the house. 'Oh' I said pointing out of the window 'Banker is back already' ' oopps' Jessica said as she looked across 'got to go, Banker is telling tales on Spirit.' I was intrigued, following her out of the house and round to the field; Banker leading, Jessica in hot pursuit then me, struggling to keep up. 'He is telling me Spirit is at the Goose feed again!' Jessica cried out. Sure enough Spirit had managed to limbo under the fencing, past the chickens and was found red hoofed trying to remove the dustbin lid from the goose feed, the noise of which alerted the geese who came gaggling and hollering for their meal.
Life is never boring with Spirit around. 


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