Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Pickle's first healing session

For all you 'Spirit the Hungarian Circus Pony' followers .... I will be seeing him tomorrow.
I took to my usual place when giving healing to animals: the floor! Pickle was quite happy to have a cuddle, she stood up and down a couple of times but when reassured by Jenny, she settled back onto the throw-cushion next to me.
I started the healing by placing my hand on her head and tuning into her emotions, though she was well aware of her discomfort she did not seem to be in pain and had no inclination of leaving this life. I gave her calming healing and comfort then ran my hand slowly down her frail body. Her abdomen and bowl felt sore but the main healing energy was definitely going into the right side of her neck. As I am not a Vet or have much knowledge of a dog's anatomy I could only go by instinct and by posing the question to my Guides: why there? The answer was a little vague but implied a possible Auto-Immune problem, this is where the immune system turns on itself or other parts of the body, attacking healthy systems. I asked Jenny if the Vets had suggested the possibility of an Auto-Immune problem, she said it had been mentioned.

Pickle loved the healing, lying very still and even dosing off once or twice which indicates to me how much she needed it.
The effect of healing can be felt immediately or within two - three days, Pickle would be the first to know if it helped and Jenny would be the second; I sent them home and awaited the response.

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