Monday, 24 September 2012

In a Pickle

I had a phone call last week from a distraught lady desperate to help her young English Bull Terrier cross Staff girl called Pickle. She had been having treatment from her Vet for a month or so but nothing seemed to be working and little two and a half year old pickle was fading fast.
Could I help?
Each time I am asked that question I so want to say YES! I'll make her all better but in the real world, I will try my best to make her better and only time will tell.
The owner Jenny, arranged to make an appointment to see me at my Potters Bar clinic the following day.
As soon as Pickle walked into the clinic everyone fell in love with her, despite the feeding tube sticking out from her neck and the multiple shaved patches of fur over her thin body she had such a beautiful energy; soft and gentle and though her face was an unusual long sleek shape with streamline eyes she was very endearing. She looked at me with those begging eyes and I swear she knew I was going to try to help her.
Pickle settled down on the large floor cushions in my room whilst Jenny told me her story:
Pickle had blood coming from her back passage and extreme diarrhoea a month or so ago, the Vet tried several remedies including antibiotics. The blood deceased but her food was still going straight through and she was loosing weight fast. She was then refereed to the Royal Veterinary Collage for further tests, sadly they are all at a loss and now she is throwing up her food too, which is why she is being feed by a tube.
I could see she and Jenny were fighters and not ready to give up on life just yet, so I joined the fight to save little Pickle.

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