Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Big day for Spirit and Jessica!

Dear Spirirt has had his ups and downs over the last few years where his laminitis is concerned. He has been slow, deciding not to go to the field for a day or two then he bounces back, rolling around the floor, biting and bucking.

With laminitics the change of season always seems to bring a bad spell and true to form this very late autumn has him walking slowly again.

His marvellous vet knows how much spirit Spirit has and as long as he is not in pain he will continue to keep him going. To this end he suggested Jessica look at trying a new shoe that has a soft support, much like wearing gel innersoles in your dancing shoes ladies!

Jessica will try anything to make Spirit more comfortable so arranged a day for the vet and his farrier to fit the new dancing shoes. More x-rays would have to be taken so the new farrier could see how far to cut his little feet back; if he were to cut too far Spirit may not return from this one! 
He would have to be sedated enough to stop him protesting and biting them all for a couple of hours.

Jessica asked if I and his usual farrier would come along on the day for some support for them, we both agreed with no hesitation.

So the big day was set, Jessica was feeling very anxious whilst Spirit was oblivious to the impending procedure.

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