Thursday, 18 December 2014

Fate of Spirit in farrier's hands...

Paul explained his reasoning for walking away from helping Spirit; ‘the pedal bone is so far rotated that there will be no coming back from this one, he will not survive much longer no matter what I do today’.

Jessica felt she was playing the lead role in a surreal sad film like Black Beauty, only she really did not want to be there.  She really just wanted to take her beloved Spirit away from it all.

John, myself, Gary, his apprentice and Jessica stood in silence for a moment after Paul had said his piece. Unlike me, I held my tongue, feeling it was not my place to speak; as time ticked by I was thinking ‘I shall have my say soon if no one else pipes up.’

Gary the vet was standing with his back to me facing Spirit Jessica and Paul whilst John, Spirit’s farrier was beside me and a few steps behind Gary. Gary seemed to grow in size, his medium frame that, only a few minutes ago hoisted Spirit back into his stable, now doubled in size whilst John slowly moved forward as if to back up the vet in an imminent street fight. Gary calmly and eloquently battled Spirit’s corner; Whilst he understood the basis of the farrier’s decision he explained how Paul was the only person there who did not know the fortitude of this amazing pony, how Spirit had the spirit to continue with a content and often mischievous life whilst in the feet he now has. He made an amazing speech that brought tears to all of our eyes, even tough John’s. This wonderful vet concluded his speech by saying ‘We have a saying at the vet college: “we treat the pony not the x-rays”.’

I could see only Jessica's face past the broad shoulders of Gary, she was trying to hold it all together keeping a serious expression but I could see a glint of hope in her eye. I had the biggest grin on my face and was punching the air with my fist in delight; Gary could not have made a better case for dear Spirit. 

Still Paul was hesitating and about to walk away from the scene when John stepped up to the mark, putting forward his belief in the tenacity of this amazing pony.

The stage fell silent again, this time the audience was waiting on Pauls next line....

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