Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Look

'The Look' is the wonderful moment of connection between myself and the animal I am giving healing to.

Generally an initial visit to Helen The Healer is fraught with questions from the animal; Where am I going, is it the vet? Am I going to be left there? Will it hurt? Am I going to have any needles or thermometers put in nasty places? All these questions and more race through the poor animal’s mind so it is no wonder they are suspicious of me at first.

I will have a chat with the owner first whilst the animal either, has a good sniff around the room trying to figure out its purpose, or snuggles in as close as possible to his owner’s legs for protection.

Then the dancing starts: I join the animal on the floor and send him healing whilst trying to gain his trust, having managed to place my hand on him I’ll start to put calm energies through. He will stay still for a minute or two, enjoying the feeling then come to his senses with a jolt realising it is a weird feeling he has never felt before so instinct will kick in; instinct to move away from the unknown. He will walk away from me, but not so far that I cannot follow, where he will settle back down again, almost taunting me to do it again.
I crawl across the floor to where he is settled and we start the healing again.

This can go on for three or four times before he gives me ‘The Look’; No matter which way he is looking he will swiftly and precisely turn his head to look me straight in the eyes with a look that says ‘Is that you doing that?’ I smile and calmly say out loud ‘Yes that’s me.’ Where he will be satisfied to then settle completely on the floor to receive the rest of the lovely energy pulsing through his body, often so relaxed he will fall asleep.

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